Exim - Using ACLs to verify RCPT TO

Jan-Peter Koopmann Jan-Peter.Koopmann at SECEIDOS.DE
Mon Jan 5 14:23:20 GMT 2004

> >Sorry to disagree but this is not true. This problem occurs whenever 
> >you are using Exim in front of MTAs doing the local 
> delivery. This is 
> >in no way MailScanner specific and therefore should go to the Exim 
> >mailing list.
> ..which is the way most people use Exim with MailScanner I suspect.

Sure it is. Nevertheless: The question and the solution is Exim specific
and has nothing to do with MailScanner. Sorry to be so stubborn but the
mailing list volume is high enough even without Off Topics... :-)

> FWIW, I've already gotten the ACL working.  I'll post it here 
> once I work out the problem of people with "catch all" accounts.

"catch all" accounts?


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