A few questions I can't find in archive...

Nick Nelson nnelson at 1SEO.NET
Fri Feb 27 22:47:59 GMT 2004

There were some tests ran on the two different servers I'm considering,
with multiple Operating Systems, here's the results via unixbench:

dual xeon with RH9: 290.2
opteron with RH9: 403.8
opteron with Fedora: 461.8

As you can see, Opteron with Fedora performed very well on the setup
I'll be intending to use it, I'm not positive if it's the 2.6 kernel or
not. I'm going to purchase a few sendmail books, as I'm familar with
Exim, however it appears at least to me that with wanting to use it as a
'mailhub' sendmail is a better (more popular?) option. I also noticed
that MailWatch worked with Sendmail only.

So I'm still floating inbetween the two setups, the Opteron is
definitely the  more affordable at this point for multiple reasons,
it'll also have RAID when the dual xeon wouldn't most likely.

Thanks a lot, I've already answered most of my questions..as far as
mailertables go and what not.

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