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Nick Nelson wrote:


I am sorry for jumping in so late and please excuse me for making some

> So I'm still floating inbetween the two setups, the Opteron is
> definitely the  more affordable at this point for multiple reasons,
> it'll also have RAID when the dual xeon wouldn't most likely.

While I am a sendmail fan myself, Exim is the choice to go with
MailScanner. This is something Julian can explain more about, yet he
says, that it is the fastest MTA together with MailScanner. One other
thing that comes to mind, is that you will definitely want RAID when it
comes to building a large MailServer. You will most likely also want a
raid with many disks, so that you can spread RAID slices either onto
multiple disks or set them to be on particular disks.

This is very useful when you have large queues and you split them up,
those setting queues onto separate physical disks or disk areas which
will speed up the whole I/O process in the long run. A lot of RAM is
also useful with MailScanner since you can basically do all the
unpacking of a message in RAM which saves you a lot of Disk I/O

Sorry if I am covering things that you already know about.

PS: in 90% of all cases CPU power is not the limiting factor for a

- -d

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