To learn Scripting - try the Bash tutorials

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Thu Feb 26 22:08:47 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 16:26, Craig Daters wrote:
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> This helped immensely, thank you very much! I didn't even know that
> data could be manipulated like this. Can you think of any resources
> that I might look into to learn more about all of this?

The Linux Documentation Project is always a great resource. In this case
take a look at the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide.  Very straight forward
with examples that are easy to follow:

Part of the beauty of Unix lays in these Macro functions that allow you
to manipulate streams of data directly from the command line.

Scripting will give you power over your data and your log files, and
allow you to write macro programs quickly that are often as fast (or
faster) than using programs written in perl.

Each script command (like "cut", "sort", "uniq", "grep", etc...) acts
like a highly optimized sub-routine or function to perform rapid
manipulations of your data. Thus scripting is like using a high level
language with highly optimized "function calls" for manipulating data.

Jon Carnes

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