Problem with list digests

PASZTOR Miklos pasztor at
Thu Feb 26 14:51:59 GMT 2004


 Our mailscanner configuration filters out partial messages, external
 message bodies, iframe tags, and attachments with some  extensions.

 My understanding is that it should not filter mailing list message
 digests. However it does. It seems that all the message digests of the
 mailman-users mailing list are filtered because of 'blocked content'.
 An example of a message is at:

 The message from mailfilter does not contain any indication of the reason.

 Could someone  please help?

 Is there a  command line tool which would feed  a message into mailscanner
 and possibly show how it is processed there?

 ---------  Pásztor Miklós ------------------
  Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem
  Budapest, Hungary

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