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Thu Feb 26 21:57:33 GMT 2004

Craig Daters wrote:
> This helped immensely, thank you very much! I didn't even know that
> data could be manipulated like this. Can you think of any resources
> that I might look into to learn more about all of this?

You don't happen to be from the Windows side, do you? Don't worry, we're
friendly geeks. :-)

There's not a text file Unix can't process. You need to look at the man
pages for grep, sed, cut, awk and so on.

There's lots of literature on the subject but a book I really liked is
"UNIX Shells by Example" by Ellie Quigley, it covers a lot in a step by
step way. If you want more of a reference book with cross-references
between OS:es (14 of them including Windows and Linux) you can get
"Universal Command Guide: For Operating Systems", I co-authored that one.

As usual the net is full of references to everything you can google up
but I don't know any place that teaches this stuff in a good way for
beginners. Books are probably better to start with and then use the net
for reference later on.

/Peter Bonivart

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