[FAQ] Viruses in High Scoring Spams are not detected

Steve Ellis ellis at KAZAKCOMPOSITES.COM
Wed Feb 25 17:11:30 GMT 2004

>MailScanner does not bother to virus scan emails which are flagged as
>high-scoring Spam when the "High Scoring Spam Actions" do not deliver
>forward, even if the items are stored in quarantine. I'd like to know
>we're storing a virus, so the workaround I use with sendmail is:
> High Scoring Spam Actions = store forward spam at localhost.localdomain

Does this also apply to low scoring spam with a default action of store?
I have "High Scoring Spam Actions" set to delete, with MS 4.26.8-1, and
have found messages containing a virus in quarantine.

Steve Ellis
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KaZaK Composites, Inc.
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