[FAQ] Viruses in High Scoring Spams are not detected

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 26 15:25:24 GMT 2004

The quarantine is exactly that, a place where suspect, dangerous or
unwanted messages are stored. I don't mess about with them before placing
them in the quarantine. Otherwise you could potentially be throwing away
data you wanted. It's up to you to be careful with your quarantine.

At an animal quarantine, you don't shoot suspicious dogs before putting
them in the quarantine. You put potentially sick or infectious animals in
there, and handle them carefully.

At 17:11 25/02/2004, you wrote:
> >MailScanner does not bother to virus scan emails which are flagged as
> >high-scoring Spam when the "High Scoring Spam Actions" do not deliver
> >forward, even if the items are stored in quarantine. I'd like to know
> >we're storing a virus, so the workaround I use with sendmail is:
> >
> > High Scoring Spam Actions = store forward spam at localhost.localdomain
>Does this also apply to low scoring spam with a default action of store?
>I have "High Scoring Spam Actions" set to delete, with MS 4.26.8-1, and
>have found messages containing a virus in quarantine.
>Steve Ellis
>Sr Engineer
>KaZaK Composites, Inc.
>781.932.5667 x105

Julian Field
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