queue growing

Tue Feb 24 22:33:29 GMT 2004

the box is a dual 200mhz with 288mb memory raid 5 with 4 drives 12 gb of
drive space
got about 2000 emails a day going through it red hat 8 all security patches
using sendmail 8.12.8 sa 2.63 mailscanner 4.24 I thought it might be dns but
thig seems to be resloving fine i ran in debug mode through mailscanner.conf
it was flew throught it pretty well
i let it run for about a minute i droped the Max Children to 3 from 5 to see
if that would help no go i
clearded the queue by stop mailscanner setting sendmail queue to that dir
and letting it do the delver
thene stoping sendmail and puting everything back and restarting mailscanner
with an empty queue and it
still started i also ran spamassassin -D --lint everything looked fine there
also the only thing it failed
on was pyzor and razor2 with are not installed the only thing i can think of
was i started to mess with
snmp to montior the box with mrtg i am not sure if that would have any
affect on it

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   More info please.  What os, ram, MailScanner version, etc.  The more
we know the more we (Julian,et all) can help.

Brett Z wrote:

>hey all:
>ok i am new to this form so if i don't post right let me know.
>on to the question well asi stand for neraly a month with no problems
>well last thrusday i was messing with snmp and after that the queue started
>growing now so far i ran it in debug and it was flying through it so it
>did not seem to get hung up on anything the maillog shows no errors
>however now with the queue growing the procossers run like 100% all the
>time i shutdown the snmp service but still did not help does any one have
>any sugestions.
>thanks all

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