queue growing

greyhair greyhair at GREYHAIR.NET
Tue Feb 24 21:47:13 GMT 2004

   More info please.  What os, ram, MailScanner version, etc.  The more
we know the more we (Julian,et all) can help.

Brett Z wrote:

>hey all:
>ok i am new to this form so if i don't post right let me know.
>on to the question well asi stand for neraly a month with no problems
>well last thrusday i was messing with snmp and after that the queue started
>growing now so far i ran it in debug and it was flying through it so it
>did not seem to get hung up on anything the maillog shows no errors
>however now with the queue growing the procossers run like 100% all the
>time i shutdown the snmp service but still did not help does any one have
>any sugestions.
>thanks all

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