Training SA

Sat Feb 21 04:59:40 GMT 2004

From: "Steve Thomas" <lists at STHOMAS.NET>

> On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 07:40:48PM -0800, Michael St. Laurent is rumored
to have said:
> >
> > I'm looking for the best way to set things up for our users to train SA.
> > far I'm thinking that the best way seems to be to create the spam and
> > notspam mailboxes on the server and run a task each night to process
> If you're talking about creating actual mailboxes that people forward
their (non)spam to, don't. You need original, unaltered messages, otherwise
you'll be training SA to think that mail from your users is spam..
> What I did, and maybe what you're talking about, is create non/spam shared
IMAP folders that users could copy/move messages to. I have a shell script
that runs sa-learn on the folders once an hour. Works like a champ.

Do you delete the messages from s/w after running sa-learn on the IMAP
folder? I do the same thing
manually now after enough get in there during the day to make it worthwhile.
We are a small
office <5 people but we reject over 500 messages a day just from blacklists
before they
run the gauntlet of SA.

I have to say that MailScanner and SA have been a huge success for us. All
of us get <2 uncaught
each a day. It's almost an event when it happens now.


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