Training SA

Michael St. Laurent mikes at HARTWELLCORP.COM
Sat Feb 21 03:57:52 GMT 2004

Steve Thomas <mailto:lists at STHOMAS.NET> wrote:
>> I'm looking for the best way to set things up for our users to train
>> SA.  So far I'm thinking that the best way seems to be to create the
>> spam and notspam mailboxes on the server and run a task each night
>> to process them.
> If you're talking about creating actual mailboxes that people forward
> their (non)spam to, don't. You need original, unaltered messages,
> otherwise you'll be training SA to think that mail from your users is
> spam..
> What I did, and maybe what you're talking about, is create non/spam
> shared IMAP folders that users could copy/move messages to. I have a
> shell script that runs sa-learn on the folders once an hour. Works
> like a champ.

I might be able to fix that up... we are stuck with an Exchange server here
for the mail email system.  I could create a folder on it for people to move
spam and non-spam messages into.  What would I then do to access those
folders from the MailScanner server in such a way that they could be fed
into sa-learn?

Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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