Building an MS-SA box

Michael Weiner hunter at
Fri Feb 20 23:19:21 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 17:12, Julian Field wrote:
> No, that should work. The restriction only applied to numeric IP addresses.

I thought so, you and i had discussed using delivery rules much like
these in the past when i first played with MS. I am eager to get this
back up and running, its amazing that the first partial day sucking all
email for and its related bretheren (i.e., that it pulled over 45k emails. So i am looking forward to
taking that burden away from the exchange administrator who is
constantly battling the concurrent connections to his exchange box and
that breaks most users ability to do email. So this is an important
goal. The following goal is to bring up a separate box to do additional
domains that ag owns and also itself. We had a
successful 24 hour trial awhile back using it, but the sheer volume of
email that ag gets in a day was enough to bring the box to its knees.
However, after more rigorous testing and some insight to fellow list
readers it appears that it was my own fault and i was running additional
milters causing the load and sendmail to take out the box.

All is better now, keeping it simple and sticking to SA::MS at the
moment and loving it.
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