Building an MS-SA box

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Fri Feb 20 22:12:41 GMT 2004

At 21:46 20/02/2004, you wrote:
>On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 13:58, Julian Field wrote:
> > You can't match against a destination IP address as that is only known once
> > the delivery has been done, which is really a bit late :-)
> > Change your IP address matches to just "From:". You can't match "To:" or
> > "FromOrTo:" with IP addresses.
>I am using as an example the following:
>FromOrTo:       default                 store delete
>FromOrTo:       mweiner at      store deliver
>FromOrTo:       someotheruser at        store deliver
>in my spam and notspam.deliver rules. Is this not going to work?

No, that should work. The restriction only applied to numeric IP addresses.

>  I was
>syphoning off a slipstream of the emails to use for further Bayesian
>training but i am thinking of discontinuing that and letting
>spamassassin get smart on its own ;-). But I want that user to get the
>emails delivered and only users in the lists to get the email delivered.
>All others can go to trash as far as i am concerned.

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