MailScanner not parsing dumaru-y MIME headers

James Corell jcorell at IPRUS.NET
Fri Feb 20 22:37:25 GMT 2004


Running MailScanner-4.27.3-1, rpm version
Running sendmail 8 on RedHat 6.2 with latest rpm-build
Running Sophos 3.79

Installed latest version of MailScanner to fix MIME header parsing problem
(MyDoom-A viruses not being found). However, I have been seeing dumaru-y
viruses pass through MailScanner with "Clean" headers. When the mail ends up
in Outlook Express, however, OE finds the attachment and it's up to the
client virus scanner to find dumaru-y.

I have several copies of the virus-infected email message with full headers
stored on the mail server. If you would like to see them, I can attach the
file and send it to you.

I thought the latest version of MailScanner was supposed to fix this?
Anybody else having this problem?

James Corell
111 West Mitchell, Suite E
Gaylord, MI 49735
(989) 732-1366

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