MailScanner not parsing dumaru-y MIME headers

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Feb 21 10:31:16 GMT 2004

Yes please, send me a copy in a password-protected zip file. Please
remember to tell me what the password is! :-)

At 22:37 20/02/2004, you wrote:
>Running MailScanner-4.27.3-1, rpm version
>Running sendmail 8 on RedHat 6.2 with latest rpm-build
>Running Sophos 3.79
>Installed latest version of MailScanner to fix MIME header parsing problem
>(MyDoom-A viruses not being found). However, I have been seeing dumaru-y
>viruses pass through MailScanner with "Clean" headers. When the mail ends up
>in Outlook Express, however, OE finds the attachment and it's up to the
>client virus scanner to find dumaru-y.
>I have several copies of the virus-infected email message with full headers
>stored on the mail server. If you would like to see them, I can attach the
>file and send it to you.
>I thought the latest version of MailScanner was supposed to fix this?
>Anybody else having this problem?
>James Corell
>111 West Mitchell, Suite E
>Gaylord, MI 49735
>(989) 732-1366

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