What are they thinking?!?

Craig Daters craig at WESTPRESS.COM
Fri Feb 20 21:46:57 GMT 2004

Hmm, Well I am using Eudora 6 on a Macintosh OS9.2 system for my
email, and then I have HTML turned off, so what you see is what I
got. Funny, I do all of my maint., etc. on the PC. Then I use the Mac
for everything else. (graphic art, email.)

The Bayesian poisoning that I read in the last few posts seems
entirely valid. What would I hone in on with this particular message
to develop a SA rule out of it?

>That's not the entire raw message.. looks like you got the part you weren't
>supposed to see..
>The message was probably coded to be viewable in OE, but you use some kind
>of webmail which decided to pick the 'wrong' mime section to display...
>Take a close look at the message in raw mbox form if you've got it.. I bet
>it's a 2 part message, one text chunk with the words, one html chunk with a
>The whole thing is probably horrifically malformed to try to break spam
>scanner's, but OE seems to read a lot of very broken mime codes just fine
>(and fails to read some perfectly valid ones)


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