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Fri Feb 20 19:31:41 GMT 2004

Dustin Baer wrote on         Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:05:56 -0700:

> Do you still have "Spam Checks = no" (or a ruleset for the particular
> address you are testing)?

No, currently set:
Spam Checks = yes
Spam Actions = store notify
High Scoring Spam Actions = store
Non Spam Actions = %rules-dir%/nonspam.actions.rules -> deliver or deliver 
Is Definitely Not Spam = %rules-dir%/spam.whitelist.rules -> with some dozen 
lines for domains and IPs with an action of yes
Is Definitely Spam = no

> You have a default action of store for spam.whitelist.rules?  Now, I am
> confused. :-)

sorry :-) action for spam.

> > > On our server when people request quarantined spam, I change the $_
> > > header to a "Is Definitely Not Spam" IP, but I allow Spam Checks.
> >
> > I don't understand, sorry. $_ is the "validated sender address" in
> > sendmail, how, where do you change what?
> I have a script that does it.  When people request email, the script
> changes $_ to an IP that is whitelisted, therefore goes through, no
> matter what SpamAssassin says.  The reason I want it this way, is that
> it will go back through MailScanner (, pass through spam
> checking, but get tested for viruses.

Do you mean "connect for relaying" with "request email"? Do you tail the 
sendmail log or how do you do this? That is fast enough for adding the IP 
before MailScanner hits the file?

> 1.
> Spam Checks = yes
> spam.whitelist.rules - From: spammer at yes
> Result - email will include SpamAssassin score, no matter what score
> SpamAssassin gave it.

Yes, this is "classic" whitelisting. I have no scores on these. They are 
scanned and Mailwatch shows them as whitelisted (W/L) with a spam score of 

> 2.
> Spam Checks = no
> spam.whitelist.rules - From: spammer at yes
> Result - email will NOT include SpamAssassin score, because there are no
> Spam Checks
> Does that make more sense?

Absolutely, just that it doesn't work for me like that. I mean No. 1, haven't 
tried No. 2 and am confident that you are right.

Ok, I think I have found the problem. Looking in the quarantine I see that I 
don't get any scores or spam headers in the messages, not even {Spam} in the 
Subject. Is this a side effect of storing? I know I used to get the Subject 
changed last week or so, but I don't remember if that was before changing from 
deliver to store. I do get all the spam scores and rule hits in Mailwatch, so 
I didn't realize that there isn't anything about spam in the headers.
I didn't knowingly change anything in MailScanner.conf or SA which could have 
stopped the spam reports. F.i Detailed Spam Report = yes and Include Scores In 
SpamAssassin Report = yes.



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