What are they thinking?!?

Craig Daters craig at WESTPRESS.COM
Fri Feb 20 20:02:30 GMT 2004

Honestly, what makes these people believe that we want to read their
damn spam! Especially if the text is all obfuscated? What do they get
out of it? Surely no one actually buy's into this crap which is so
hard to read?? I get email messages now that are nothing more than
lists of words! The subject may say something about a 'cable filter',
but when I open it, it's like looking at a list of baby names or

I see spam as nothing more than a way for someone with nothing but
time on their hands, and no wanting for money to do away with email
altogether. Why do people put so much time into finding ways to get
unreadable mail into our inboxes?


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