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Fri Feb 20 16:31:38 GMT 2004

Dustin Baer wrote on         Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:53:02 -0700:

> You can whitelist, or blacklist an address, but still do spam checks in
> order to see what the score is.  In other words, you can have
> SpamAssassin give a score of 500, and show the hits/scores for each
> test, and if the address is in "Is Definitely Not Spam," the email is
> still going through...with the scores displayed

Ah, so Spam Checks = no does no spam check at all while the other two do 
but I can change the default action for the result, did I get that right? 
Hm, looking at the headers I think I didn't get it right, because there's 
no spam score (0.0) shown on all whitelisted mail. ;-)
(using Is Definitely Not Spam = %rules-dir%/spam.whitelist.rules)
If I understand you correctly they should go through (since the default 
action is store) and they *do* go thru but they are all flagged as W/L and 
score of 0.0 in Mailwatch.

> On our server when people request quarantined spam, I change the $_
> header to a "Is Definitely Not Spam" IP, but I allow Spam Checks.

I don't understand, sorry. $_ is the "validated sender address" in 
sendmail, how, where do you change what?

> way, people can see why it was stopped in the first place.  If you had
> an address that was "no" for "Spam Checks", then you wouldn't see the
> SpamAssassin tests.

Yes, that's clear now, but not so much of the stuff above, sorry :-(



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