Feature: Block Persistent Virus Senders?

Fri Feb 20 16:10:25 GMT 2004

>I was told that MailScanner supports the blocking of persistent virus
>senders. I've sifted through the documentation and the changelog, but
>can't seem to find any reference to this. Can someone tell me which
>version this was introduced in and where I may find the corresponding
>options or functions. Is it a custom function?

I haven't heard of this option (which is _not_ an indication that
it does not exist.) but this seems like it may be something
better handled by the MTA.  Reject by IP in whatever your equilivent
of an access table is.  That way you're not wasting any cycles
on something you're going to reject anyway.  (Reject early and
often, something the girls I was interested in always did. :)


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