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Jacques Caruso jacques at MONACO.NET
Fri Feb 20 11:57:30 GMT 2004

Le jeudi 19 Février 2004 17:26, Erik van der Meulen (by way of Erik van 
der Meulen              <erik at>) a écrit :
> If I do: dpkg --install mailscanner*.deb, I get:
> Selecting previously deselected package mailscanner.
> (Reading database ... 17953 files and directories currently
> installed.) Unpacking mailscanner (from mailscanner_4.26.7-2_all.deb)
> ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mailscanner:
> mailscanner depends on libnet-cidr-perl; however:
>     Package libnet-cidr-perl is not installed.

A « clean » solution would be to install the Net::CIDR package from the 
Testing version. As you can see from 
<>, it only 
requires perl (>= 5.6.0-16), which you happen to already have :

> /usr/share/MailScanner /usr/local/lib/perl/5.6.1
                                             Seems good enough...

You can install this package, either by downloading it directly from a 
debian mirror (it will be in .../pool/main/libn/libnet-cidr-perl/), or 
by using the « pinning » APT feature to download it from the Testing 
repository (you can find more info on pinning at 
<> -- that's the Google Cache, since the 
original page seems to be AWOL at this moment).

At any rate, I would discourage using the CPAN perl module to get it, 
since it wouldn't then be entered into the Debian package management 


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