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On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 03:26 am, Erik van der Meulen (by way of Erik van der 
Meulen              <erik at>) wrote:
> Dear all -
> I am trying to set up Mailscanner on my Debian Woody mail server. On the
> Mailscanner site I have found a document that seems to explain exactly
> how to accomplish this:
> However, the mailscanner package that is currently found in the unstable
> tree is not the same version as mentionned in the document (4.26.7-2
> instead of 4.24.5-1) and it does not install well at all.
> If I do: dpkg --install mailscanner*.deb, I get:
> Selecting previously deselected package mailscanner.
> (Reading database ... 17953 files and directories currently installed.)
> Unpacking mailscanner (from mailscanner_4.26.7-2_all.deb) ...
> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mailscanner:
>   mailscanner depends on libnet-cidr-perl; however:
>     Package libnet-cidr-perl is not installed.


>    Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen at>


I also run a Debian (Woody) server with MailScanner and did exactly as 
Julian and Martin suggested: install the CIDR package from CPAN.  However, 
I like to try-out the new versions of MailScanner long before they get 
massaged into a Debian package.  There's really no harm in downloading the 
tar-ball and dropping it into /opt or somewhere relevant.

Then I simply create symlinks to the version I want and use the symlink in 
my scripts for locating MailScanner, ie,

> ls -l /opt
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root   18 Feb  9 16:24 MailScanner -> MailScanner-4.2x.y
drwxr-xr-x  8 root root  376 Jan 12 10:32 MailScanner-4.2x.w
drwxr-xr-x  8 root root  376 Feb  3 01:14 MailScanner-4.2x.y

So /opt/MailScanner is always the version I am running.  I also have some 
miscellaneous links around to make the administration a little easier like:
/etc/MailScanner -> /opt/MailScanner/etc

The other thing I did was modify the init script (from the Debian package) 
so it waits for MailScanner to stop before finishing.  I was running 
MailScanner on a rather slow machine for a while and the "restart" function 
would always fail because the "stop" part didn't wait for all the child 
processes to finish.  When the "start" phase kicked off, it would fail with 
"MailScanner running on PIDS 123 124 125" etc.  If you're interested in my 
init script (or anyone else for that matter) please contact me off-list.  
If enough people are interested, I'll add it to the page.


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