Outbound mail not scanned

Peter Billson pete at ELBNET.COM
Thu Feb 19 20:47:52 GMT 2004

Hello *,
  I'm hoping someone can help me with an odd problem.

I have Mailscanner running on a host between the world and my "real" mail
server. All inbound and outbound mail pass through the mailscanner machine:

MAIL TO ME   >>>> Mailscanner >>>> ME
MAIL FROM ME >>>> Mailscanner >>>> THE WORLD

I have Mailscanner successfully scanning mail that is coming in but I can not
get mail going out to be scanned. According to the Email headers mail;
   1) is received by MailscannerHost from my mail server
   2) is then sent from MailscannerHost to Destination

According to the headers it seems that the mail is being processed, but
nothing "bad" gets stripped off - i.e. I can send an EXE file or a virus
without problems.

  As I said above, for inbound mail, EXEs or a virus are stopped as they should

  Any suggestions where to look?


Pete Billson
ELB Internet Service, Inc.
Web Design, Computer Consulting, Internet Hosting

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