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Thu Feb 19 09:15:15 GMT 2004

At 07:46 19/02/2004, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>After enjoying the last couple of months with only the occasional
>spamassassin timeout (about 1 a week), I'm now getting a few dozen a
>day. Yesterday I had 84--today 24.
>Last night I ran "sa-learn --force-expire" and "sa-learn --rebuild" to
>see if that might fix the problem, but I guess not.
>Is there any way of turning on extra-verbose logging in spamassassin or
>mailscanner to see where exactly it's timing out? Could it be one of my
>blackhole lists?
>What are the steps to troubleshoot spamassassin timeouts?

In MailScanner.conf, set
Debug = yes
Debug SpamAssassin = yes
then kill all your MailScanner processes. Wait for a few emails (4 or 5
will do) to appear in, then run check_mailscanner.
When the SpamAssassin output pauses (it will spew up the screen very fast
normally), thump Ctrl-S to pause it. (Ctrl-Q starts it again). Read the
last few lines of output and you should get an idea what is holding it up.
If it mentions just before you stopped it, that's Razor.
Julian Field
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