how to troubleshoot timeouts

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Thu Feb 19 16:57:50 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:

> In MailScanner.conf, set
> Debug = yes
> Debug SpamAssassin = yes
> then kill all your MailScanner processes. Wait for a few emails (4 or 5
> will do) to appear in, then run check_mailscanner.
> When the SpamAssassin output pauses (it will spew up the screen very fast
> normally), thump Ctrl-S to pause it. (Ctrl-Q starts it again). Read the
> last few lines of output and you should get an idea what is holding it
> up.
> If it mentions just before you stopped it, that's Razor.

Thank you for the troubleshooting tips.

I am seeing the following that makes me somewhat suspicious.

    debug: forged-HELO:
    debug: DNS MX records found: 2
    debug: RBL: success for 16 of 18 queries
    debug: RBL: timeout for easynet after 2 seconds
    debug: RBL: timeout for dsbl after 2 seconds

So, I see that easynet is timing out. I also see that dsbl is timing
out, but only sometimes. Perhaps I should remove them from the checks?

There was also a bit of a pause when it did the DNS lookup, so perhaps a
caching dns server would be a good idea too. I'm on Red Hat 7.3...what
do you guys recommend?


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