Allowing Certain File Types

Mon Feb 16 19:07:08 GMT 2004

Never mind. I found the filename.rules.conf.

I need to look before I shout! ;-)


> Hi All,
> I am using the latest version of MailScanner with
> ClamAV.
> So far so good. I have "Deliver Disinfected Files" set to
> no which works well. Actually a little too well.
> We have a certain file type with a .PCF extenstion that
> we need to be able to receive. Currently it is quarrantined
> and the warning report delivered instead of the attachment.
> How do I set MailScanner to allow this type of attachment?
> I've looked at the MailScanner.conf but don't see a place
> where excepted filetypes such as .PDF are allowed.
> Any help on how to do this would be appreciated!
> Mike

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