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Please see MailScanner.conf:

# If this is "no", then (as far as possible) messages which have already
# been processed by another MailScanner server will not have the clean
# signature added to the message. This prevents messages getting many
# copies of the signature as they flow through your site.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Sign Messages Already Processed = no

It relies on the "Mail Header" setting being the same across all your
MailScanner servers.

At 09:49 16/02/2004, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>We have customers beginning to go mental at us again for the fact that
>footers are applied multiple times on their email conversations - ie. They
>reply to an email and don't trim the footer off and wind up with a heap of
>footers on the bottom of their mail.
>While I know this is more an issue of them not trimming is there any way
>MailScanner can check to see if the message already has the footer & either
>removes to old one and re-appends to the bottom /or/ just plain doesn't
>append it if a copy already exists in the message?
>I had an idea that perhaps MailScanner could look for a string (the first
>line of the footer) in the message and if it exists, don't append the
>I think I've asked this before and no real solution was offered, it would be
>a very nice thing to have added if it is at all possible!  I'm sure I'm not
>the only person who has customers who have asked for this..
>David Hooton
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