Can anyone help plse

kisuije kisuije at
Sat Feb 14 09:24:49 GMT 2004


I have just installed MailScanner from the 4.26.8-1 rpm. I am running on an
updated mdk 9.2 and using postfix and BitDefender. I have configured
MailScanner as per this page:

1. When I ty and run the service, I get a message from cron to root saying

MailScanner manually shut down (no /var/lock/subsys/ file).
Not restarting.

I am not quite sure why. Any help would be appreciated.

2. In the MailScanner.conf file (lines 312 thru' 335) it does not specifically
mention BitDefender. However in the virus.scanners.conf file it does. Can I
just declare bitdefender in the MailScanner.conf file? Can anybody confirm

3. I use Fetchmail to bring in mail from a generic account and then postfix
sorts it using the alias database. Is this going to have any effect upon the
way I need to set up MailScanner and /or fetchmail?

Any help or comments would be great since I am new to Linux and pretty stuck
right now on these issues.



Hugh Norris

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