How to release mail from quarantine?

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Thu Feb 12 22:19:45 GMT 2004

At 22:12 12/02/2004, you wrote:
>I think I read some lines about this when scanning the mailing list
>archive or the FAQs, but I'm not quite sure how to do it exactly.
>If I quarantine as queue files I think I can simply put the corresponding
>df/qf files in the outgoing mail queue. Is this correct? But what about
>attachments? As I see MailScanner puts the df/qf plus all attachments in a
>directory and puts it in the quarantine. I think I can't just move that to
>the queue. I've never seen any over than df/qf/xf files in a sendmail

You can just put the df+qf pair in the outgoing mail queue. They contain
all the attachments.

>If I quarantine *not* as queue files like it is required for a fully
>working Mailwatch setup. How do I do that? Send the file straight to
>sendmail via "sendmail -v sender < file"?

Add a -oi (check that) and -oem to the command line to make it more robust
against things like lines with just "." on them. And you mean -t not -v.
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