How to release mail from quarantine?

Kai Schaetzl maillists at CONACTIVE.COM
Thu Feb 12 22:12:50 GMT 2004

I think I read some lines about this when scanning the mailing list 
archive or the FAQs, but I'm not quite sure how to do it exactly.

If I quarantine as queue files I think I can simply put the corresponding 
df/qf files in the outgoing mail queue. Is this correct? But what about 
attachments? As I see MailScanner puts the df/qf plus all attachments in a 
directory and puts it in the quarantine. I think I can't just move that to 
the queue. I've never seen any over than df/qf/xf files in a sendmail 

If I quarantine *not* as queue files like it is required for a fully 
working Mailwatch setup. How do I do that? Send the file straight to 
sendmail via "sendmail -v sender < file"?

My intent is to send our customers two notify messages per day for spam 
and viruses and the user can just hit reply and send relevant parts back. 
The receiving program than just grabs the queue file names or the idfile 
name from the mail and releases that mail from quarantine. I looked at the 
mailscanner data in the Mailwatch database and the content looks quite 
promising, seems like everything is already there, so no need to parse all 
the quarantine directories, everything of importance is already in the 
Mysql tables. Anyone already gone this way?



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