Blocking incorrectly addressed mail when relaying to Exchange

Kevin Spicer kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK
Thu Feb 12 22:11:44 GMT 2004

Theres been some interest expressed in this in the past.  Recently
Jan-Peter Koopman posted a vb script to the list to produce a list of
email addresses from active directory (he was using it with exim I
believe).  I've managed to get this to work for sendmail, with a little
perl script of my own and sendmail's ldap_routing feature (which despite
its name doesn't need to use ldap).  I've added a description of how I
did this (and the necessary scripts) to the FAQ


[By the way this isn't the only way to do this - some people may prefer
to use LDAP directly from sendmail]
Kevin Spicer (kevin AT kevinspicer DOT co DOT uk)

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