For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a reliable transport medium.

Daniel Kleinsinger danielk at AVALONPUB.COM
Wed Feb 11 12:02:27 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:

>Here's my defence line:
>1) By default it is supplied as a ruleset. You have to know how to use a
>2) Both the option itself and the ruleset carry a strongly worded warning.
>3) It cannot be simply set to "yes" by deleting the pointer to the ruleset.
>4) The default value in the ruleset cannot be set to "yes".
>This way you have to add rules to switch it on selectively, you can't
>enable it for everyone, for even everyone minus a list of exceptions.
Maybe someone already suggested this, but how about a required setting
for an email contact that is added to the bottom of the bounce message
instead of the default
Email Virus Scanner
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Then maybe you can make your threat of "redirecting all my abusive email
to you" come true.


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