Local Relay patch for MS

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Feb 11 10:02:11 GMT 2004


> I can't implement this until I can get reliable code for all of
>          sendmail - Me
>          Exim - Tony Finch / Nick
>          Postfix - done already
>          ZMailer - Mariano
>          Qmail - OpenComputing Project
> The above are suggestions of who I would really like to write what, as and
> when they have time. I am not an expert in all the MTAs and only wrote
> support for 2 of the 5 myself.
> Any chance of some help here people?
> Many thanks, it is all appreciated by everyone!

Isnt it possible to enable this for the ones around yet ? The other ones
will follow once its there. I would be hapy to test the sendmail one :)


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