For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a rel iable transport medium.

Christian Campbell ccampbell at BRUEGGERS.COM
Tue Feb 10 21:23:13 GMT 2004

> All constructive ideas are most welcome.

Although I hate being on the receiving end of bounced messages that I didn't
send, I feel that MailScanner should remain a configurable product and that
SysAdmins should understand how to use the product.  It sounds like
there may be a, albeit small, business need for the 'bounce' option.

That being said, I suggest that:

1)  A STRONGLY worded warning be added in reference to using the 'bounce'
option in the config file,
2)  It is not on by default (I know it's not now...),
3)  It must be enabled in more than one location to ensure the SysAdmin
REALLY wants it enabled
and that a newbie admin doesn't enable it by accident.
4)  Ability to restrict to certain domains.

Just my suggestions. Flame away...  ;)


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