For those of us that feel strongly that email should be a rel iable transport medium.

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Tue Feb 10 21:35:53 GMT 2004

At 21:23 10/02/2004, you wrote:
> > All constructive ideas are most welcome.
>Although I hate being on the receiving end of bounced messages that I didn't
>send, I feel that MailScanner should remain a configurable product and that
>SysAdmins should understand how to use the product.  It sounds like
>there may be a, albeit small, business need for the 'bounce' option.
>That being said, I suggest that:
>1)  A STRONGLY worded warning be added in reference to using the 'bounce'
>option in the config file,
>2)  It is not on by default (I know it's not now...),
>3)  It must be enabled in more than one location to ensure the SysAdmin
>REALLY wants it enabled
>and that a newbie admin doesn't enable it by accident.
>4)  Ability to restrict to certain domains.

See my previous responses. Hopefully I have addressed most of your points.
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