Announce: MailWatch for MailScanner 0.5

Brian Lewis test at NEXTMILL.NET
Wed Feb 4 18:40:15 GMT 2004

Fedora Core 1
MailWatch .5

Perl-DBD-mysql-2.9002-1.i386.rpm does this:
Feb  4 10:14:51 mailcheck MailScanner[4329]: Database ping failure
attempting to re-connect
Feb  4 10:14:51 mailcheck MailScanner[4266]: Cannot insert row: MySQL
server has gone away

So I tried using Perl-DBD-mysql-2.1028 and it just pauses on the
MailScanner[xxxxx]: Initialising database connection
line for about 4 seconds and then continues thru, nothing gets delivered.

Nothing is logged to the Mysql Database.
Mailscanner/Mailwatch web interface accesses database fine
New database setup, using root username and a root password,
/usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ has correct root
username/pw/localhost settings

Any advise or troubleshooting techniques would be greatly appreciated

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