untagged messages

hermit921 hermit921 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 4 19:18:08 GMT 2004

I am still trying to figure out why some messages don't get tagged by
MailScanner 4-23, postfix 2.  Every email should get tagged with at least
one MailScanner header, but some don't.

I came up with an idea.  Is this feasible:
Spammer sets up his client to use our mail server as his smtp
gateway.  Should work for any message addressed to a user in our domain,
but he can't send mail outside.  So spammer addresses a message to
usera at mydomain, with CC or BCC to userb, userc, userd, etc.  Now I get

One message appears here, postfix dumps it in the hold queue.  Postfix
splits it up at the same time, so only the original message gets the
MailScanner headers.  Since I can't track the original, I can't verify the
presence of headers.

Am I way off?

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