(Kaspersky 5) Wrapper Script does not seem to work.

Wolfgang Hennerbichler mailscanner at WOGRI.AT
Thu Feb 5 07:18:38 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 19:55, Julian Field wrote:

> >The Problem is, that when Mailscanner starts this script, mailscanner never
> >detects any virus, although it SURELY starts the wrapper script (i tried this
> >with using a touch /tmp/asdf command just before the exec-part). Doesn't
> >Mailscanner look at the return-code of the program?
> No. That only tells it that it found a virus somewhere. It scans lots of
> messages at once, and parses the output of the virus scanner.

Ah. Sounds logically. So I guess the only chance I have, is to upgrade
Mailscanner (I have a debian-box, on which this scenario (without the
daemons, but I read what Julian thinks about virus-scanner daemons)
works perfectly, and mailscanner is in a new version.

Hm... I wonder, if I upgrade this box (it is a SuSE 7.2), rpm behaves as
.deb, and does not overwrite my config-files, or asks to overwrite. I
don't have much experience with rpms.

Thank you, Julian

wogri at wogri.at

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