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Tue Aug 31 09:16:04 IST 2004

Sounds like you need to read up about rulesets, it's in the MAQ
( If you stop mail from being scanned,
it won't scan mail generated on the local host.

At 04:44 31/08/2004, you wrote:
>I run a mailing list service (majordomo/mailman/etc) for a bunch of opt-in
>discussion lists (pet lovers, knitting fans, etc).  I use the current release
>of MailScanner along with ClamAV and Sophos and they work perfectly.
>MailScanner is the BEST utility I've ever seen.  Thank you Julian.
>I do have an issue, tho, and I'm not sure how to fix it.
>When messages come into the server for a particular list, MailScanner picks
>it up, scans it, and hands it off to the next alias which is usually
>majordomo.   Majordomo then processes the mail and hands it off to a batcher
>called TLB which handles the envelope batching a little more efficiently.  It
>will group the new outbound messages into envelopes of no more than ten
>recepients, and will batch them by domains.  So one message to 10,
>one message to 10, and so on.  So far so good.
>But when these messages are handed back to sendmail for delivery going out of
>the server, they are placed back into and scanned by MailScanner.
>This is a redundant action as the inbound message was already scanned by
>MailScanner and found to be clean.  One already scanned message then becomes
>50 or 200 messages to be scanned again.
>TLB has in it's configuration the ability for me to define the mailer host
>and SMTP port.  It's currently defined as port 25.  I don't pretend to fully
>understand how MailScanner works, but I'm guessing that anything that comes
>in on port 25 is queued to and processed by MailScanner.
>Do I need to configure in another daemon to listen on another
>port just for outbound emails and teach TLB to send to that port instead?  If
>so, and this is my most important part of the question, how do I add this
>I currently have...
>DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MSA, M=E')dnl
>can I create another entry as
>DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MSA, M=E')dnl
>DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=26,   Name=MSA1, M=E')dnl
>and tell TLB to deliver to port 26 in order to avoid a second scan by
>MailScanner?  Or am I totally misunderstanding something.
>My sendmail version is 8.11.6 but I am NOT a sendmail guru.
>Thanks for any suggestions.
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