MailScanner is starvation

Wed Aug 25 21:47:16 IST 2004

Hi. Íîâîæåíèí.

>>Can you give some additional information?
of course
>>What Operating System? Linux, BSD, Sun, etc.
Linux RH.7.3
>>What is the Mail Transport Agent? Sendmail, Qmail, etc.
Postfix -  last version.
>>What version of MailScanner?
>>Had MailScanner worked at any time?
Yea, MailScanner is stoped when somebody send message without some "C
record". What is this???


> Hello!
> Please help, whats happend, MailScanner is starvation, and then do
> it nothing.
> ---cut here log---
> Aug 24 13:21:37 mail MailScanner[17800]: Spam Checks: Found 1 spam messages
> Aug 24 13:21:38 mail MailScanner[17800]: Requeue: 7DD1F27BEC to 79596379DB
> Aug 24 13:21:38 mail MailScanner[17800]: In Start didn't find a C record when I wanted one
> ---cut here log---
> Thanks.

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