MailScanner not processing

John Hinton webmaster at EW3D.COM
Wed Aug 25 22:25:30 IST 2004

> OS?
> Anything weird in your logs?

Duh... :( Right there in my maillog! Config errors with line numbers and

I've been using the Webmin interface to MailScanner (I think there is an
update for the verion I'm running actually), but it seems that there was
no 'yes' or 'no' set on two lines both dealing with SpamAssassin.

Check SpamAssassin If On Spam List =
Spam Score =

Put a no into each of these and darn if it didn't kick right off! Here I
was looking for a MailScanner log and there in maillog was all I needed
to know.... or at least all I needed to know about this one issue. ;)

Sorry to be taking up the bandwidth.

And FYI, I'm running Whitebox Enterprise Linux (a RHEL clone), for those
who care to know.

John Hinton

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