Incomplete sendmail logs after upgrade to MS 4.32.5

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Aug 19 23:37:46 IST 2004

At 23:15 19/08/2004, you wrote:
>Just upgraded two systems running different MS-versions to MS 4.32.5.
>When checking the logfiles I noticed something strange.
>I see the from= logline from sendmail. Then MS shows it's loglines when
>processing the message. After that I get a to= logline from the next
>sendmail with a stat=sent. I don't see the to= logline with the
>stat=queued from the daemonized sendmail.
>I checked whether there was some other sendmail running but it wasn't.
>Killing MS stopped processing mail from as expected. Messages
>appeared in but still no loglines with to= and stat=queued.
>Anybody else seen this behaviour. I have seen this on two different
>machines sendmail 8.12.10 and 8.12.8 on RedHat Enterprise resp. Redhat
>MS was installed using the standard rpm.

MS does not affect the standard sendmail logging in any way.
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