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> Stephen Swaney wrote:
> > We have a potential customer who wants to run MailScanner on HPUX IA64.
> I'm
> > familiar with a few sites that are running MailScanner on HPUX but would
> > appreciate hearing from any of you who can give me any information -
> system
> > specs, messages processed daily, etc. and any specific HPUX IA64 info.
> >
> > If you mail me off list I'll work with Ugo to format (and cleanse the
> > information to protect the innocent) and get it into the MAQ.
> So if there's *one* IA64 system running MS it's immediately qualified
> for the MAQ?  :-)

Excellent point Peter and I'll fill in the blanks for the one I know about
(a test system).

I should have been a bit more specific. I'm also trying to find out how much
email a 2-1300MHz IA64 CPUs with 4GB of RAM could process if it were running
MailScanner with SpamAssassin and a typical load of related applications.



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