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Thu Aug 19 23:45:50 IST 2004

Justin Mason posted this to a couple of lists earlier this evening, so I
thought I'd pass it on:
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Hi all --

It occurred to me recently that maybe quite a lot of the innards of
spamtrap systems are being kept more secret than they need to be, and a
public mailing list for spamtrap operators would be well worthwhile.

There's a number of things that would be improved through sharing our
techniques, suggestions, possibly even data --

  - new scaling mechanisms;

  - what to do with all that spam - where to report, ways to analyze it,

  - new protocols for dealing effectively with massive quantities of
    spam - for example, using SMTP to deliver spamtrap data is not
    necessarily required, since reliability isn't as important for spam
    forwarding as it is for ham, considering the volumes;

  - an "open source" approach to the problem; there's currently a lot of
    secrecy, and probably more than is really required (as long as we
    don't spill the beans on what domains and addresses we're collecting
    from).   Being able to share thoughts can be very useful, esp. when
    someone notices some new spammer behaviour.

The list info and subscription page is here:


- --j.

Mr Michele Neylon
Blacknight Solutions
059 9137101

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