Why??? Help Me

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Tue Aug 17 17:04:00 IST 2004

At 06:24 AM 8/19/2004, Luu Trung Duong wrote:
>But when i use an Webase Email (IMP), it work well. I have checked the
>filename.rules.conf in mailscanner it ok (i mean that everything in default)

by default MailScanner will attempt to block .zip files containing .exe
files. Why your IMP email works is beyond me.

If you don't want MailScanner to look inside of zip files for filename
rules modify your MailScanner.conf:

         # The maximum depth to which zip archives will be unpacked, to
allow for
         # checking filenames and filetypes within zip archives.
         # To disable this feature set this to 0.
         # A common useful setting is this option = 0, and Allow
         # Archives = no. That block password-protected archives but does
not do
         # any filename/filetype checks on the files within the archive.
         Maximum Archive Depth = 0

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