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Sun Aug 15 12:40:54 IST 2004

At 06:58 15/08/2004, you wrote:
>My primary mailserver is on Fedora Core 1.
>My backup mailserver is on Fedora Core 2.
>Both run sendmail and MailScanner.
>For my backup mailserver, I use mailertable and dsmtp
>configured in that with the primary server making ETRN
>connections to the backup every hour (I'm using the
>sendmail script from the contrib directory to
>perform this step).

Do not bypass the noetrn setting. It is there for a very good reason, and
without it your systems can easily be exploited to bypass all your scanning.

To make mail move from a backup mailserver (high MX value) to your primary
mailserver (low MX value), you don't need to do anything except tell your
backup mailserver that it can relay mail for your domains. In sendmail this
just requires RELAY
in your "access" db.

One of the primary jobs of a backup MX is to attempt delivery of mail to a
better (i.e. your primary) MX. Your MTA (sendmail) will do this
automatically. You don't need anything special/manual to do this at all.
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