double message

Matthijs Althoff m.althoff at BROMBERG.XS4ALL.NL
Sun Aug 15 14:07:29 IST 2004

os: Fedora Core 1
sendmail: 8.12.10
mailscanner: 4.32.5-1
spamassassin 2.64

I seem to have the same problem described by a user before but has not been
replied with an solution. ( at some point incoming
messages are doubled this is pretty annoying for my users. Doing a "service
MailScanner restart" solves the problem for a little while but this is not
a permanent sulution as after a while messages double up again. Today I
completely removed sendmail, mailscanner, spamassassin and re-installed and
configured it again from clean configuration files but without result.

email01 at  localuser
email02 at  localuser
email03 at  localuser

MailScanner.conf some bits.
Max Children = 5
Restart Every = 14400
MTA = sendmail
Max Unscanned Bytes Per Scan = 100000000
Max Unsafe Bytes Per Scan = 50000000
Max Unscanned Messages Per Scan = 30
Max Unsafe Messages Per Scan = 30
Max Normal Queue Size = 800
Lockfile Dir = /tmp
#Lock Type = flock

I had set lock to flock for a while which did not resolve the problem. This
server is under some heavy load at some points since some retard spammer is
doing a ongoing carpet-bombing on one of my domains. Where could the
problem be?

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