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--On Friday, August 13, 2004 7:55 am -0500 David Vosburgh
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> Yes, please.  We use fast/cheap Linux system for incoming mail, but
> still use our old/slow Sparc systems for outgoing mail.  The Linux MS
> install has spoiled me forever...

Please could I put in a plea for the OPPOSITE of what everyone else seems
to be wanting?

Personally I really loathe packages which take it upon themselves to
provide and install every single library/module they are themselves
dependent on.  I'm sorry, but I take care to keep our Perl modules etc up
to date using CPAN and hate the idea of a MailScanner installation
tampering with it in any shape or form.  (I also take care to read notes
about dependencies, and check we have them installed and up to date.)

Consequently I've had to track down and work out where the MailScanner kit
now lives within the distribution in order to continue to build it by hand.

However the size of that kit has now bloated with all these other
unnecessary (to me!) copies of Perl modules that are easily available using
CPAN  ...  the only exception is the patched copy of MIME::Tools, which it
*is* very useful to have to hand (at least until the day a suitable copy
makes its way onto CPAN).

Perhaps there might be mileage in separating the distribution into a
"MailScanner" kit and a "support" kit, with the latter to be
downloaded/unpacked into MailScanner's directory by those who want it?
Either that or provide two tarballs: one with just MailScanner, and the
other with the whole kaboodle?

Sorry to be a misery, etc...


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