William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Wed Aug 11 20:38:22 IST 2004


I disagree..
Any sending domain that configured SPF and then became a spammer, would
find itself blacklisted pretty quickly.
The (admittedly minimal) cost of configuring a domain in the first place
should be a deterrant to spammers using valid SPF servers.
I think that's worth at least a small negative Spam Assassin value.

If you're NOT going to assign a negative Spam Assassin value for SPF
servers, then why SPF enable Spam Assassin at all?


Hirsh, Joshua wrote:

>>2. MailScanner gets message from Sendmail, passes message to SpamAssassin
>>for processing. SpamAssassin checks SPF records, assign arbitrary negative
>>number (say, -2.0) if SPF records check out ok, otherwise process as
> Personally, I wouldn't assign a negative value to any email with a proper
>SPF record. It's still very easy for a spammer to setup a domain and publish
>SPF records that make all addresses valid. If that happened, the message
>would hit your server and possibly make it through unscathed because of the
>added negative value..

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